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Factory Visits

The new category in SKOPJE DESIGN WEEEK introduced in 2018 is a Factory Visit and aims to bring closer designers from other countries with the furniture producers in Macedonia.

The mushrooming production of upholstery, solid wood and metal furniture in the region is also present in Macedonia. Even though the number of factories fluctuates each year, currently by statistics there 144 registered furniture production companies, ranging from sole entrepreneur till companies with over 250 employees. Among these furniture producers, there are several which manage to generate most of the revenue by exporting their products, being present on biggest fairs in Europe, some are contracted by bigger European and international companies exclusively for a known client. Yet, the biggest part still struggles to make the first export steps.

The design is something that most of these companies need, especially new, fresh ideas and support in terms of a proper exhibition during fairs and festival in other countries. This year the designer representing the programme Germany - country in focus have that pleasure to have close encounters with several furniture producers. Factory visits will be realized in period 21st – 23rd November 2018