Skopje Design Week 2014

23 - 28 September Kursumli An


Ministry of pleasure 2014 - Product Design Exhibition

Even though there are yet no many slices of the Macedonian design pie that can be served to the domestic and foreign guests, Public Room managed to create a mix of 4, known and emerging brands, which are seen as persuasive leaders in new product design. What is distinguishing for all brands is that all of them in a very short time of their existence have managed to clearly write and present their story locally and internationally. 
Zavar Design remains a leader in the design products in Macedonia by not interrupting its cycles of supply of new and innovative stainless steel and metal products on domestic and international markets. Collaborative attitude of the company backed up with the cutting edge technology created distribution of design products on all continents.   
Newly started brands, Tvornica and Nina Nineska, display another management and design skills that seem to be the optional way for market positioning and should serve as a pattern for young designers who face dilemma of how to turn their ideas into market products.

Tvornica collective has created its small production facility which remains open for use by other designers and artists. Also, they allocate part of their production to local factories. Nina Nineska has channeled her production on outsourcing and partnership manner.
The kids inviting products of Lotus Lounge Chair has increased its market dominance and are regularly sold via regional concept stores. Simplicity and affordability remain the key traits of the products. 
Handpicked selection of Macedonian design product that tours the regional festivals is done with a purpose to stimulate exchange and design cooperation among designers and designers and companies. That process is seen as a vital component for building and positioning of the Balkan design on the global scale. 
Public Room

Zavar design

Zavar design explores design limits of metal products by implementing high technology and knowledge in metalwork. We produce with a big devotion and design with passion and love.Our products are unique pieces for interiors that which return to the users the love they are produced with.
“Life lines” is our designer radiator collection of heating objects which bring warmth and art in every contemporary space. “Identity” collection is one of the “Life lines” stories and combines heating objects and furniture.Today the idea of identity has become more important. Defining our identity gives us the opportunity to change and improve ourselves. Exploring Identity as individuals and cultures is way how to build better understanding for each other. Designs in this collection are inspired by identity codes: finger print and barcode.The perfect simplicity of black and white stripes makes together a balance of the opposites.Dance of shadows and perfectly balanced structure of contrasts in the finger print friction ridges tells a story of a person. The product creates a powerful mark in every room as a personal statement for the owner’s identity and his personality. That universal story and effect make this collection suitable for every interior.

Nina Nineska

After many years of working as graphic designer, image coordinator, brand and marketing communication specialist, from 2010 she strat with her art project of geometry, number, light, color, sound and the man with their relationship. In beginning of the 2013 start with designing of contemporary lights as part of the art light installations. As a freshly formed brand Nineska successfully cooperates with local production companies managing to launch series of light objects on the market in a very short time. “Contemporary light” design is produced in cooperation with Uniga Engineering Company.
"Flakelight" 3d puzzle assembly line of one or two-designed geometrical shape made from plastic in several colors. This product has several type of design line: Flakelight Spin and Flakelight Radian that symbolize the motion in the universe. "Geometry" colored metal lamps created of 3 basic geometrical metal plates, symbol of Trinity; "Universe" colored metal lamp, constructed from twelve flowers connected in one sphere of dodecahedron symbolize the Universe and "UniLight" colored metal totem lamps symbolize the male and female entity.

Lotus lounge chair

Lotus Generation is a well-known brand of the Macedonian designer Anita Gaj. Her unique label exists for 5 years on the Macedonian market for home furniture. It is dedicated to the young, modern and design-aware person, who aspires for practical and functional, as well as contemporary and chic furniture.
Lotus Lounge Chairs are flexible and multifunctional chairs for young people. The 7 various models will meet everyone’s preferences and bring joy to each generation. Decorative element that will change your living space into a modern, colourful and dynamic ambience.


Творница is collective made of designer artist and sculptor working together on developing product design. Our intention is to combine contemporary way of thinking with general sense of lifestyle, with traditional techniques and natural materials, in order to produce pieces with contemporary design. The aim is to became first Macedonian designers brand, bringing the past into the present with forms that serve the purposes of identification and authenticity.

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