Skopje Design Week 2015

26 - 29 November - 50 Divizija 22, Skopje

We and Nature

We have formed this brand to offer the best eco-friendly furniture. The set of products is consisted of unique furniture pieces that not only will you be able to use until the rest of your life, but you could also leave to the future generations.


ZAVAR Design is brand of inox designed radiators for urban people who love arts and nature . As a result of an ECO production process of a 100% recyclable long lasting product with a life time warranty we offer a radiator which pushes the limits of expectations about the form of a heating object. We do radiators and furniture on custom bases because for us everyone is special and different and deserves personal attention. www.zavardesign.eu


On this year’s Skopje Design Week, Vitalia presented this very new Vitalia Muesli Bar, whose design follows the concept of the other sales products in its recognizable, modern and leisurely design, but this is also unique for its functionality. In the Vitalia Muesli Bar, you can choose from the well-known range of Vitalia products and create your own healthy meal yourself.


For a clean and healthy enviroment


Konstrukta – Italian Ceramics and Sanitary-ware, recognizable brand on the Macedonian market for engineering and design of furniture and interior design.