Skopje Design Week 2015

26 - 29 November - 50 Divizija 22, Skopje

Open Call for entries — Non-commercial exhibition

Deadline 3rd November 2015

Download the application form

This is an application form for young designers, recently established studio, brand or an informal design collective that would like to make impression with their new production. In general this section is reserved for young talents and group exhibitions.

Deadline for submission of the application is 3rd November, 2015  at contact@publicroom.org

You need to fill in only English or Macedonian version of this application. Together with this application form you need to send images and/or short description of your products which you propose for exhibition on SDW2015. Only works that are already produced will be accepted.


The best way to send the application form and images is to use www.wetransfer.com.

By using wetranfer.com you will receive automatic confirmation if your files are sent and downloaded.

Save the application form as Your Name.docx and send it contact@publicroom.org

The organization accepts JPG images and PDF files at maximum size of 4MB.

Save your images as 1_Yourname.jpg and/or 2_Yourname.pdf and send them to contact@publicroom.org

The application form together with the JPG images or PDF files (maximum 4 MB) send to contact@publicroom.org. If you do not get reaction within 24hours the organization has NOT received your application form.


Applicants that are members of Balkan Design Network gain more visibility and get better recognition by experienced designers who are part of the section team for regional design festivals. If you are not yet a member, we highly recommend you to become one. It is completely free of charge.

Sign up for BDN membership: www.balkandesignnetwork.org/members


e. contact@publicroom.org
w. www.ministryofpleasre.net
a. Public Room – center for design and innovation; 50 Divizija 22, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

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