Skopje Design Week 2015

26 - 29 November - 50 Divizija 22, Skopje

Despina Zdravkova

I strongly wish to bring something fresh and new in the interior world in my country. I find my self fascinated by Architecture and straight lines.

Elsker Loeve

ELSKER LOEVE is a story about love replicated into a brand. In 2015, four friends bonded their creative platforms and designed the brand's silhouette.
info@elskerloeve.com www.elskerloeve.com

Urban Old

Kiprovska Nadica realized her passion for re-designing old furniture in the past 2 years, together with her partner and friend, Orhidea Ognjanovska, who is the owner of “Magnolia,” a chain for children’s clothing boutiques.

Zlata Golaboska

Zlata Golaboska is a new born designer interested in the concept of renewal, recycling and sustainability. Therefore, from a scale of the functional everyday life of an urban space, she reduces and joins together its result in a unique design concept.

Vencho Miloshevski / Studio April

Inspiration for starting the studio comes from the need of simple and beautifully designed products that we couldn’t find on the market, so we decided to design them ourselves. The first product that we are launching is the “The Pocket Notebook” which comes in 2 designs with black and white marble texture.

Filip Koneski

Dedicated to architecture and everything which is inspiring and related to the process of creation. Whatever caused it, the inspiration for creation response, that can became a call for my reaction. I try to response in multiple fields: architecture, free art, mosaic, graphic design, illustration, furniture, souvenirs, social Initiatives etc. I hope for peace, cultural revolution, and freedom of mind which will not endanger others.

Stojoski Kirce

The aim of this exhibition is to present the products design and furniture design which will be traditonal and innovative at the same time due to the employment of traditional techniques (crafts) or forms inspired by the tradition indentifying the Macedonian culture in a modern context. Creating such products may encourage again the study of traditional crafts which are dying out, but which proved their value over the time.

Divian arts

Divian Arts is a creative agency, a project of a team of creative people which transfers art into different shapes in order to present the creative side of life to the public. Despite its online magazine, Divian Arts starting from 2015 began with selling of selected pieces of exclusive furniture in Macedonia. We strive for a better living culture and we present you the new trends in the interior design of home and offices. Welcome to the world of Divian Arts.

Ivona Krsteska & Zlatana Madzovska

Ivona is devoted to the idea that architecture is in harmonious relationship with man, nature and music. According to this connection, architecture aims to create new spatial concepts for the benefit of the mankind by exploring what it means to design with nature and music in mind.
Zlatana is devoted to her plans for leaving her own trace in fashion design through the creation of recognizable and timeless designs. She is leading by the rule that is what is offered in the fashion industry, but style is what the individual chooses from there and applies, thus defining their fashion expression.


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Natasha Antevska

Natasha Antevska is a graduated engineer architect, born in Skopje 1987. She graduates with a thesis titled 'Educational Centre for Permaculture', under the mentorship of Prof. Mitko Hadzi-Pulja. She participated in several national and international competitions in the field of architecture and urban design. Since 2014 she has been an important part of the family owned business for manufacturing unique wood products and has recently discovered her interest in designing and manufacturing minimal pendant lights made of wood scraps.

Faculty of Art and Design European University

The Faculty of Art and Design represents “one-of-a kind” model in Republic of Macedonia, which through its Bachelor program educates and trains students as future designers. Upon graduating students receive the title – Bachelor of Design and in addition, through the elective classes offered in the curriculum, students can narrow their interest in three different fields of design: Graphic Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design

Atelier ELM

Atelier ELM is a newly formed innovative workshop that creates minimalistic and modern home decorations. The team of two architecture and one engineering students designed a unique way of constructing wooden blocks to create home décor objects that are unusual mixture of art and functionality.
Our vision is to deliver a bundle of fun with its own story to tell.

Kristijan Dimkovski

Kristijan Dimkovski, student of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje.


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