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Aleksandar Miskovski

The name of the DJ is Aleksandar Miskoski. He lives in Skopje, Macedonia. He is resident DJ in the best club in Skopje “ SEKTOR 909

He is also part of a promotion house “Balance 10” which is 10 years present on the Macedonian house scene and is cooperating in general with well known artist most of them from Detroit such as: Derrick May, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Gene Farris, L Lorca, Kenny Larkin, Steacy Pullen, Alton Miller, Reggie Dokes, Funk D'void, Steve Rachmad, Joris Voorn, Christian Smith, Charles - Technasia, Samuel L. Sesion, Laurent Garnier, Alexander Robotnick, Santiago Salazar, Raketic, Subotic, Johannes Volk, TR, Buzz Goree aka Clandestine, Terrence Parker, Dj Bone, K Alexi Shelby, etc.

As one of the best magazines in Macedonia E1 said - Aleksandar Miskoski is everybody’s favorite DJ because of his honest relationship with house music. This young DJ is distinguished by his pure and powerful selection of rhythmic and high quality house sound. He started performing at the legendary Element club in Skopje in 1999, soon establishing his own authentic track record collection, firmly marking his spot on the Macedonian DJ clubbing scene with his unique expression including disco funk and afro Latino, spiced up with the imagination and skills which are unique in many segments.

His significant performances include DJing back to back with Gene Farris, Alton Miller, Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Terrence Parker, Marshal Jefferson, K Alexi Shelby, Ian Pooley,Jimpster etc.