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Artan Lili

Bojan Slačala - Bass, vocal
Romana Slačala - Vocal
Marko Ajković - Drums
Ivan Skopulović (Crvi, Bitipatibi) – Guitar

Artan Lili has existed since 2013, and a year later they published their first 12-song album, which is gradually released in the form of singles. This successive method of publishing is considered as their innovation, they have announced that the second album will be published in the same way. The first album was released on vinyl by the publishing house Odličan Hrčak, the digital publisher is Lampshade Media from Belgrade, but they prefer to promote their music via Artan Lili Band Camp Belgrade's four with their singles win the first places of all major radio and TV top charts in the region, and from the very beginning until this day they remain the favorites of the regional audience. The recognizable and addictive noise-pop sound of the band, excellent visual identity and texts that are engaged, gentle and understandable, is what makes Artan Lili.

Official Band Camp