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Killo Killo Banda

Vojislav Malesev, AKA KILLO KILLO, is a wide spectrum MC coming from Novi Sad, Serbia. He is involved in a lot of International and domestic musical projects, but the latest one, called KILLO KILLO Banda, is threatening to be the most popular. After a few years of making songs on the computer, in 2007, he decides to form a band which could perform all that music but enriched with human power and creativity within live acts and improvisation. The music he creates, along with his fellow musicians, is based on roots reggae, but it brings us a lot more : various flavors from rock-steady and dance-hall to carribean style ska and all of that is often blended with some fine Balkan soul and emotional blues of the lone warrior.

In 2010. KILLO KILLO Banda released (the first) digital LP “AMONGST THE PEOPLE” for the EXITMUSIC label on whose website it can still be downloaded for free. It brought them a bunch of fans in Serbia and the region. They also appeared on both Balkanfarraj, compilations of regional reggae bands, well known to the Balkan’s reggae audience.

They played all around Serbia and neighboring countries but the hypes were certainly reached on EXIT festival in Novi Sad in 2009, 2011 and 2014, sharing the stage with Manu Chao on his concert in Novi Sad in April of 2011. In August 2011 they also performed at Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary. They played also in many countries of the south-east Europe such as FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Monte Negro... Between releasing the first two albums they made an EP with two songs “Internet” and “Da sam znao”, which they also made their first official video for, immediately recognized as a huge boost for their rise. Simply – the new hit. The video was already promoted on MTV Adria regional chart “Domacica”.

In summer 2013. they, again only digitaly, released an album called “Berba” for EXITMUSIC label, including 12 new songs plus two previous singles. The style stayed very close to themselves from the first album, though musical maturity and complexity of sound and emotions shown on this one can not be ignored. One hour of pure energy and creativity.

Their latest album „Ipak Borba“ was released in the summer of 2016 both for the digital label Lampshade Media and for the SKCNS in form of the CD. This release is made out of 10 tracks, all beautifully recorded and mixed in recognizable Banda’s manner. This time, some of them include big names for features such as Hornsman Coyote and Edo Maajka, both big stars in the Balkans and worldwide. The importance and power of this album made them have a brilliant start of a promo tour – a concert on the main stage of one of the biggest Europian festivals – EXIT.

The rest of the planet is yet to be conquered.
It is obvious even at the first listening that this band is made of strong musical individuals whose virtues and super-powers can literally play with your mind and senses.