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Georgi Shareski Trio

Georgi Shareski - guitar
Oliver Josifovski - bass
Viktor Filipovski – drums

Georgi Sareski is a Macedonian composer, arranger and guitarist. Since 2005, he has released 7 albums of original music, and has performed on well known jazz festivals all over Europe. He has collaborated with Francesco Bearzatti, Luca Aquino, Ernst Reijseger, Oscar Salas, Boris Bell, and some of the best known musicians from Macedonia and the region. A graduate from Berklee college of music with a major in jazz composition and arranging, Georgi is nurturing and ever developing a unique style, both, as a guitarist and a composer. On this performance he will be joined by Oliver Josifovski (Ljubojna) - bass, and Viktor Filipovski (Fierce) - drums.

"Aside from confident playing, there is a strong compositional personality at work here, where Balkan meters meet popular dance forms, driven forward by an irrepressible style and an occasional taste for the absurd.” - Gerry Godley, Improvised Music Company.

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