Open call for participants SDW2017

Skopje Design Week is a design oriented multidisciplinary platform that affirm the cultural and creative industries in the region and stimulate active role in creating better business, as well as social and political context for developing creative potential. The idea behind this international festival is to stimulate sustainable growth in design and innovation by creating a platform for experimenting, promotion, networking and horizontal and vertical cooperation.
The overall program of SDW is an ambitious mix of innovative disciplines, presenting the very recent achievements of product design, fashion, jewelry, music, gastronomy and business. Eye-catching and affordable design, high aesthetics in various forms produced by young and prominent designers, studios and companies from all around Europe exhibited in a form of fair, exhibitions and presentations are on the menu each year.
Concept of the festival remains unchanged since 2011, meaning that besides the most recent regional design achievements each year the festival hosts one design power as a country in focus. Within this programme the organizers tend to introduce the global novelties in the region and stimulate exchange between that country. Country in focus in 2017 is Hungary. 
SDW as open and continuous process stimulates every creative person to express his potential in front of the international audience. Continuation during the whole year is achieved by linking the activities with the regional and other international festivals and permanently upgrading the international brand and the platform Ministry of Pleasure.

Skopje Design Week is a creation of Public Room – center for design and innovation, powered by the international platform Balkan Design Network.

The increased number of local design brands across the region and Europe did not result with the greater use of entire potential of the production companies and did not managed to make any radical changes in terms of innovative products that will catapult new names on the global scene.
The creativity and innovation must be stimulated on a local level by all relevant stakeholders by providing spaces where designers will be given room, technology and materials for experimenting. Especially, the design sector representatives must be given experimental rooms (spaces, materials, technologies and coordination) in order to come up with innovative product solutions. These experimental rooms would challenge designers in creation of prototypes and products for the end users by synthesizing the classic production of good design with the innovation and possibilities of new technologies and science.
A region such as Balkan where the natural resources still abound and the same can be processed still for relatively reasonable prices, proper use and reuse of materials and available technologies can lead designers to revolutionary solutions. Economic and design experts consider that now is the right time for the Balkan design scene and production companies to make the right move and position the region as new design and economic destination. This generation, aware of its potential, capacities should be the one to make this positive change.
Therefore, Skopje Design Week dedicates this year programme to promotion of available materials and technologies across the region, which should be seen as a baseline for new product development.

Organizers would appreciate the following products and prototypes for exhibition

- furniture
- lightening objects
- interior elements
- everyday objects
- home accessories
- stationary
- air objects
- recycled materials
- fashion and sport garments
- tools devices and equipment
- packaging – graphic design (only as complement of a product)

The organizer would give priority to genuine and rational solutions in terms of products and prototypes that aim to improving people’s lives and work, have accent on the locally available materials and technologies, have balanced production costs, follow the criteria of environmentally friendly production processes, have recycling and economic packaging.

Designers, informal groups, design studios and companies from entire Europe are given a chance to nominate their products and prototypes for SDW2017 exhibition.

Deadline for submission of the application and all accompanying files is 30th September, 2017 at 12:00h midnight by CET. All applications received after the proposed deadline will automatically be refused.

Each applicant is obliged to send the following:

- Application form SDW 2017 (download the application form)
- Images and technical drawings of the product/s or prototype that is/are subject to exhibition on SDW2017
- Portfolio of designer/ studio/ company.

All files must be sent by using to with subject SDW2017 application form. sends automatic email once your files have been downloaded by the organizer. Additionally, the organizer sends a confirmation email once the files have been downloaded and checked.
If you haven’t received a confirmation email from the organizer that your files have been submitted successfully within 24 hours please resent your files one more time.
The organizers encourage all applicants not to wait till the last moment with the application and files submission. 

Each accepted exhibitor is granted 5m2 exhibition space for fees of 150 EUR ex. VAT.
Position for each exhibitor is defined by the organizer.

Participating on Skopje Design Week 2017 you are granted following:
• Direct nomination for SDW 2017 Award competition. Each participant directly participates in the competition for one of the three SDW 2017awards (first price 500 EUR, second price 300 EUR, third price 200 EUR gross amount),
• Skopje Design Week 2017 online and off line promotion,
• Skopje Design Week 2017 full color printed and online catalogue
• Free entry to all SDW 2017 creative workshops and presentations

By submitting this application, designers, studios, companies commit, if selected to participate in the SDW 2017, to produce and personally bring product/s to Public Room – center for design and innovation, at 50 Divizija 22 in Skopje, Macedonia, at their own expense not later than 19th November 2017. Further, the participants oblige themselves to pick and collect their products on 27th November, 2017 from Public Room.
The decision of the organizer regarding the selection of the products and particular position for exhibiting on SDW 2017 is final and cannot be altered.  


Public Room Skopje 

Balkan Design Network
Mikser Association