With this edition of Skopje Design Week we want to motivate designers to join us and promote their products that they think should be on display on our online platforms. In recent months we have witnessed a new reality that affected everyone differently. We give you the opportunity to beat the limit with self-promotion. Show us what you designed in 2020 and which piece of design marked you this year.

The first step to becoming even more creative is to understand that there may be limitations for a good reason. The challenge in design must always be a clear message and sometimes, being more visual than wordsmiths, we do not see why designers would not promote themselves online, sometimes, if not most often the client is first attracted to the photo on the Internet and then gets in touch with the manufacturer.

How Limitations improve Design
We often complain about the multitude of limitations which we’re faced with every day as designers.
From browsers, to screen resolutions, to user interactions and even the new situation that the whole world is facing (Covid-19), we seem to constantly be struggling to find some way of thinking outside the tiny little box of “best practice”
which we’re constrained by.

Limitations are abundant but are they really such a bad thing? Is it possible, even, that they actually produce far better results than if we did not have them? It’s up to the designers to create something appealing which fits within that.

Sometimes Freedom Isn’t a Good Thing
Without constraints, things can get crazy. Digging down into specifics, we found some key areas where limitations can greatly improve design. An animation, graphic, sound effect, or interaction without purpose isn’t design, it’s decoration. Unless what you’re adding to the design is in some way contributing to the message which you’re trying to convey to the user, it isn’t worth anything. The most important part of any design is the message: good design sends the same message to everyone. It should leave no room for interpretation. This means that the limitation these days can really be a motivation and it can take you from beginner to pro designer.

How to turn design Limitations into design success?
Think of design as a road map for consumers, taking them where you want them to go. Design makes an efficient way to get across the message and still make it pretty. Sometimes you just need social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where you can promote your design or product and still get extra points from the costumers, maybe even an invitation for the next Design Week in some of the greatest centers in Europe and across.