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Soul Case

Soul Case doesn’t like sticking to genres – and that’s what you can tell right away after you listen to one of his sets.
Skopje based and motivated by the lack of support given to young, creative individuals, he is constantly trying to push things forward – personally, but also in terms of diversifying the local scene. His project “Oubli”, which he co-founded with two of his best friends in winter 2018 quickly gained huge appreciation across people in the country and turned out to be a much-needed refreshment in a rather dull society.
Despite having his roots and beginnings since his teenage years in golden era, sample based hip-hop, and having a strong soul/disco influence since his childhood through which he discovered more dancefloor oriented underground music, he always challenged himself to be as versatile and eclectic as possible. Not being scared of taking risks, his sets result in constantly exciting ones, not giving dancers the ability to predict his next move.
Expect nothing less than a musical journey through all kinds of sounds – be it classic house records, obscure and percussive goodies, African jams or feel-good disco tracks.