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Culinary Talks: Eco- Activism

Date: Saturday, 24.11.2018
Time: 15:00
Venue: Public Room Centre for Design and Innovation
Guest: Irena Ristic - actress & #Небидиѓубре - activists
Chef: Mark de Jongh

Public Room has connection with food like Frida Khalo with Diego, like Salvador Dali with Gala… in other words we love and adore food!
Philosophers like to discuss theories, we like to discuss food! That’s why at Skopje Design Week we will have three afternoons dedicated to CULINARY TALKS!

Famous Belgian chef Marc De Jongh will be our host. And he has invited two food loving, prominent ladies and an extraordinary team of fashion managers - to join him in a one time experience - to be guests on his show and to design food together!
Chef Marc will guide his guests on how to improve their culinary skills and they will teach him about poetry, eco- activism and fashion style.
The audience that is interested to hear their personal stories and taste the food specialties that will be prepared during the show is invited to join, laugh and enjoy!

Irena Ristic
Irena Ristic, an actress and an activist, was born and raised in Ohrid, Macedonia. She is known for her roles in "Three Days in September" (2015), "Bal-Can-Can" (2005) and "Goodbye, 20th Century" (1998). She attended the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje where she graduated with the role of Yasuko Rokujo from Yukio Mishima's "Five Modern Noh Plays". She is a lead actress at the Drama Theatre in Skopje (Dramski Teatar) where she has worked since 1999.
Throughout her career, Irena has been heralded for her activism and humanitarian work, especially animal well fare. She was one of the artists and activists featured in Avon's campaign Against Domestic Violence in 2016, as well as campaigns in support of ecology, legalization of marijuana, rights of sex workers, LGBT community, and the most recently she initiated the movement #Небидиѓубре.

Chef Marc De Jong
Marc De Jong was born on 21.08.1968 in Brussels, Belgium.
He began to study about culinary since he was 15 years old. While going to school, he started working as an assistant in one of the most famous restaurants with three Michelin stars in Brussels, Restaurant Bruneau. He worked there for two years, and then started working in a 5 Stars Hôtel President WTC.
The next working place he had was as a waiter at the NATO Officer’s Home in Brussels, where he served his military service. Until turning 30 he has worked in several restaurants, where he studied the secrets of the culinary trade. Then he started working as an assistant manager in a hotel restaurant owned by the Belgian Ministry of Defense where he worked for 6 years. But he always wanted to try being an independent Chef, so he opened his own restaurant and catering service in Brussels called “La Pallette Gourmande”. In 2006 he took part at a culinary competition for the Best Master Chef in Belgium and won the second place. Afterwards, in 2012 he took part at the World Culinary Competition in China, Beijing, as a team leader of the Belgium team, where they won the sixth place in the World and the first place as best Chefs from Europe. In 2016, on the International Culinary Competition he got the gold medal.
He is member of the European Association of Chefs, Euro-Toques.
Since 2014, Mark lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia working as a personal chef, guest chef in different restaurants, catering and food consultancy.