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Into the real world of KAKO.KO

Date: 23 November, 2017
Time: 17:00 - 18:00
Venue: Public Room Centre for Design and Innovation
Room: Cosy Room, attic
Presenter: Vesna Pejović
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About the presentation:
How and who can be a designer here and now? The lecture is based on the diverse projects and initiatives developed by KAKO.KO design studio from its beginnings up to the present day, telling the story of the fun and less fun sides of creative work in Balkans, overlapping design practice and design education, influencing the real world.

About Vesna Pejović:
Born in 1976 in Belfort, France. Graduated interior design at Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and in 2004 received a Master degree in furniture design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. After returning to Serbia established design studio KAKO.KO best known in the fields of furniture, interior and product design, and equally successful in setting conceptual exhibitions and cultural events, to which, in addition to many outstanding competitions and exhibitions across Europe testify international awards: iF Product Design and Good Design award. Equally active in the field of education, teaching furniture and lighting design at Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, where in addition to regular classes is the initiator and coordinator of notable student exhibitions. From 2012, Vesna is one of the coordinators of the Design seminar, within the Petnica Science Center.
Currently is most dedicated to the project of socially engaged design, with the aim to improve social inclusion and life of the families of children with disabilities, on which is partnering with the Royal College of Art, London. Creative work of Vesna Pejović is marked with infatuation with tessellation, origami mathematics, bionics, recycling, sustainable design and attitude that every product creation must have a clear and possibly fun concept as the legitimate context of existence.

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