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PaperSpokes bicycle accessories from Budapest

Date: 24 November, 2017
Time: 17:00 -18:00
Venue: Public Room Centre for Design and Innovation
Room: Cosy Room, attic
Presenter: Zsofia Bako
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About the presentation:
Introduction of the brand of PaperSpokes. From the first designing process to the product launch. Three young designers reimagined the carrying accessories for bicycles, and they created their own unique crates under the name PaperSpokes. They replaced the ordinary baskets with stylish, weatherproof and variable bicycle crates.

PaperSpokes has been exhibited around the EU (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands among other) and Canada.

Zsofia Bako is Hungarian architect, furniture designer, Co-founder of PaperSpokes. She has studied architecture at the University of Pecs, Hungary and University of Cagliari, Italy.

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