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Two innovative design projects

Date: 26 November, 2017
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Venue: Public Room Centre for Design and Innovation
Room: Cosy Room, attic
Presenter: Veronika Krauth
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Two design projects from the same team – the same design thinking answers two significantly different questions. Instroducing the Hungarian large scale architectural design company: S39 Hybrid Design and its philosophy.
The concept CALTROPe – the green lattice – the constructed organic dam system supporting the restoration of damaged mangrove forest ecosystems. The poject’s goal is no smaller than fighting coastal erosion caused by sea level rise wih a cheap, realistic and eco-friendly solution.
LUMINARIGlass – a unique collection of premium quality tiles, panels and dividers which is created with technology, pecision and care.

About S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture
Hungarian large scale design company specialised in concrete and glass design. The team is based in the heart of Budapest. The head of the studio is Anna Baróthy, well-known concrete specialist, with a backgruond in glass design and sculpture. Veronika Krauth is an architect and the project leader in the team, having an eye on each of the company’s project.

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