Adisa Vatreš, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Work as product designer, puppeter, costume and stage designer, and so much more in visual sector for theater, film and television. Awarded for animation, stage and puppets design.
Exibited at:
2007 - oOoze festival, Korčula
2008 - Bujroom, Sarajevo and Mostar
2009 - Biennal of young artists of Europe and Mediteran, Skopje
2009 - 2011 Interio Sarajevo
2010 - Magdalena, Maribor
2011 - Koeln Messe
2011 - Mikser, Beograd
2011 - exibition of bag collection AMEBAG in Sarajevo
Selected theater projects:
„Food story“, „Little prince“, „Legend of Beauty“, „Dwarf, the story teller“ (Studio lutkarstva Sarajevo), „Magic river“ (Mostarski teatar mladih), „You are falling apart, your majesty“, „Trip for Kathmandu“ (Sarajevski ratni teatar), „Potjeh“ (KKD IBM, Slavonski brod).
Member of Creative industry Sheyou and Association of Fashion Workers and costume designers-Modiko.