Dafina Dzeparoska , Macedonia


Dafina Dzeparoska – daffy jewelry is a young artist in the field of jewelry. Having a background in public administration she chose to express her artistic strife by creating flamboyant jewelry designs from just about anything that can be put in the frames of art - little plastic spoons, pill-strips, old dolls and toys, IT- waste, car parts, styrofoam, textile, rubber, straws, Lego blocks, buttons... Besides these unconventional materials, she also uses various gemstones, especially Czech crystals and semi-precious stones, and by combining them she creates a unique modernistic take on the art of jewelry making. Lately, she introduced new tone in her work connecting the traditional Macedonian filigree silver technique with cutting-edge designs of jewelry.
She is having her first jewelry exhibition at Bosh festival – August 2011