Eco.Ko, Macedonia

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is probably the best known waste management hierarchy and waste reduction strategy. It was the main starting point for the workshop with about a dozen students from the Department of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, organized by PARK. This workshop explored the possibility to reuse discarded objects with potential to be used within a specific design creation and to be upgraded into design objects with market value. A result of this workshop is the brand ECOKO, under which the students will present their 3R works in the future.
Nothing is truly garbage until it undergoes creative process. Those creating ECOKO products show highly developed design sense. The ones bying ECOKO products show care for the environment and an eye keen to value design, aesthetics and utility, rather than label and price.

Jelena Micevska


Tamara Danevska &
Edita Bejtuli

Chain chain change chair

Katerina Gjorgjoska


Sandra Ugrinoska &
Tamara Georgievska

Wrong Way Table

Edita Bejtuli

Juicy Light

Tamara Danevska

See Lamp

Dijana Dimitrievska

Tri Ti Table

Milan Jovanović

Valid Chair