Emilie Chaix , France


Émilie Chaix is a French jewelry designer and artist living in Paris.She has always been fascinated with fabric, re-worked materials, colors, beading and sequins.
After literary and linguistic studies, she started very early a publishing career ; at 33, she decided to channel her creativity into her shimmering "jewelry-ornaments": each the bearer of a secret story to be worn against the skin like a talisman.
She started her own label in 2002, and her jewelry was immediately present in designer shops in France, Japan and USA (New York, Key West). In 2003, her work was noticed by Christian Lacroix, and she started embellishing the Haute Couture collections of the famous French designer – among other things, she created the bustier of the 2002 wedding dress, which was worn by Madonna in W magazine, photographed by Steven Klein. Later, she also worked, among other designers, for the trio of On Aura Tout Vu.
Her work got the support of magazines such as Citizen K, Le Figaro Madame, Le Nouve Observateur, Gala, Paris Match, Marie-Claire, who noticed the precious, extravagant, nostalgic and deeply personal characteristics of her creativity. She was also pleased to see Carla Bruni, before she became Mrs Sarkozy, wear some of her pieces.
Each piece is hand-made, the fruit of hours of meticulous transformation and layering. Émilie Chaix takes natural(lace, leather, fur, silk, feathers) and synthetic materials and transforms them through ripping, colors them with paint or dye, then embroiders them with an abundance of beads, Swarovski® crystals, ribbons, semi-precious gems, fragments of antique jewelry...
While she keeps busy with her jewelry design, she is also currently focusing on a new artistic approach which will mix her experience in embroidery and techniques like sculpture and painting.