Vitaliy Gnatenko, Ukraine

For last 15 years Vitaliy has been investing his efforts into design and improvement of simple, ubiquitous things, either the cookware or diverse accessories or electronic interfaces, etc. Feature-based design combining novel appearance and unexplored functionality of well-known products is what drives Vitaliy’s creativity. One of his product’s designs realizing this approach, the Lid with Wings (, was awarded a silver medal of the 35th Geneva’s Exhibition of Inventions in 2007.
Some of simple products that have went through expansion of their functionality by Vitaliy are a French Press that allows easy separating of its plunger and lid, a compact camera tripod that can be folded so that its screw hides inside, an inflatable tablet case that can be conveniently used in a car or outdoor, and others. Vitaliy is an author of five issued/pending patents dealing with consumer products.
In Vitaliy’s opinion greatness of the feature based design is that it evokes curiosity and sparks of amusement as the Customer makes discoveries upon having been attracted by unexpected look of an otherwise conventional product. For Vitaliy that’s a drive that never ceases.