Kako.Ko, Serbia


KAKO.KO design studio is a commercial entity and trademark recognized by its unique design and its ability to analyze and recreate relations between a person and objects in its surrounding. KAKO.KO is a team of independent creative individuals, established in 2004 by Vesna Pejovic, with Jelena Milojevic joining in 2007, studio is best known for its work in furniture/product design, interior architecture, exhibition design and strategic thinking.

head designer: Vesna Pejović
MA furniture designer, University of Art and Design, Helsinki/ Finland | 2004
BA interior architect, Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade/ Serbia | 2000
Jelena Milojević
BA interior architect, Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade/ Serbia | 2001

2011 - Creative Space Serbia, selected work | Zona Tortona, Milan, Italy
2011 - GOOD DESIGN AWARD| BUCK 2010, Germany
2010 - MOBILE BOOTH| III place, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 - IF international AWARD, communication design| BUCK 2010 / Frankfurt, Germany
2010 - SUPERNATURAL eco pavilion| I place, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 - balkantrip®|DESIGNERS BLOCK selection| Zona Isola Milan, Italy
2009 - YOUNG TALENTS |ELLE DECO selection by Capplini| Zona Tortona, Milan, Italy
2008/09 - BRITISH COUNCIL, Belgrade| office space, interior design, total & signage
2009 - DMY| Berlin Design week – Berlin, Germany
2008 - KRUG DVOJKE| founder/ design event paralell to Belgrade furniture