Kristi, Macedonia

KRISTI is one of the few companies in Macedonia, which deals with jewellery combined with (gemstones) precious and semi - precious stones. The creative, handmade jewellery is from silver or gold. The important aspects for us are the manufacture quality, the originality and the rarity of the precious stones and the exclusive design.
Our rare jewellery collections emphasize the stones naturalness and their shapes, colours and inclusions. Our collection comprises unique and small series with high level of creatively hand made quality and care. As a base for a jewellery manufacture, by our partners, serve the designs created by us with a special feeling for modern creation, ancient and classical orientation. In addition, we try to obtain precious jewellery with a perfect look and quality, combined with the best precious stones and precious metals.
Our designs are between the romantic and the classical to geometrical shapes, emphasizing the personality of those who wear them.