Laser Cut Design Laboratory , Macedonia

Laser Cut Design Laboratory is a studio for contemporary design, development, exploration and experiment in future concepts and techniques which contain within it the language of architecture, art and fashion. Laser Cut Design Laboratory needs to grow.
The future is now project praises the kaleidoscope of contrasting images and conditions that one has in their own design approach. This project overcomes the contrast design entities of two designers bringing them close to a creative flow similar to the act of making love.
The future is now is a laser cut challenge between two designers Jordan Tasevski and Aleksandra Shekutkovska.
Jordan Tasevski’s concept genesis is characterized by diagram application design which contains the very essence of architecture. The high school for applied arts enabled him to continue his design research in his studies at the Faculty of Architecture. Since then he has taken part in different kind of architectural workshops, projects and exhibitions about the Macedonian architecture. He has worked as an architectural critique, most of his research papers are published in magazines as well as on his blog http://
Inspired by the whole art vocabulary Aleksandra Shekutkovska lives, creates and breathes ar(t)chitecture in the city of Skopje, Macedonia. She has had a couple of group presentations at Fashion Week Skopje, Fashion to go and creating a jewelry collection for the brand Stilissimo. Her individual presentations include Positive. Negative. Ideogram and Once I went into the enchanted forest. She has taken part into a number of architecture workshops and summer schools, the International Symposium of design in the digital era on theme Architecture and fashion. Graduated at the Faculty of Architecture she works as an architect and a designer.
Her explorations and experiments are developed in her studio for contemporary design Laser Cut Design Laboratory.