Labelh, The Netehrlands

labelh is a collection jewellery and accessories consisting of unique pieces, limited circulations and industrial produced series. All items are designed and produced by Martijn Homan. There is a story to every item, long or short, told in clean shapes and solid materials.
After his graduation in 2002 Homan (1975) started working as an independent designer. His activities focus on graphic and jewellery design. Mostly inspired by the pictogram and his love for simple graphics and ordinary materials.
'Martijn Homan is a designer who in the creation of his jewellery primarily strives towards the production of 'conceptual' decorative items whose basic 'function' (apart their functionality) is not to be beautiful, but rather mystifying, mysterious and provocative. Seemingly plain, with smooth lines and shapes, or in lurid colours, they translate the idea of the pictogram (as a shape or a symbol-figure) and its power over the consumer’s sub consciousness.' (Ana Frangovska 2010)