Citoyenne K

Marijana Kramaric Stiks was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she earned a BA in Philosophy and Indian Studies.
She moved to Paris in 2004 where she dedicated herself entirely to fashion design. Her curiosity brought her to Chicago where she worked in retail management.
In 2009 she moved back to Europe and established her own atelier in Edinburgh under the name of ‘Citoyenne K.’
Citoyenne K. is a brand that questions identity through the flexible and transformable objects. Following the philosophy of dual approach, Citoyenne K. creates multifunctional pieces – a dress that turns in an overall, a double sided coat that changes shape and color when twisted, or a skirt which becomes shorts or a top in a matter of seconds.
Collections are made of exclusive fabrics while geometrical and architectural forms are the main inspiration for design. All designs are unique works and designer herself is responsible for each step of the creation – from the first concept until the last stitch.
Citoyenne K. has been presented at different fashion events and shows in Paris, Chicago, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Vienna, Ljubljana, Rotterdam and Edinburgh.