Marta Naumovska - Grnarova, Macedonia

Born in year 1973 in Ohrid, Macedonia in the family of engineers, writers, architects and painters. After the childhood with long hours of piano lessons and preparations for profetional career of pianist, she decided to continue her education in natural sciences and in year 1997 gains the diploma of bachelors mechanical engineer at the Skopje mechanical faculty, with specialization in welding.
After graduation started to work in a family owned business for production of stainless steel process equipment at the engineering positions. In the early 2000, stainless steel becomes very popular material internationally and used more and more in the architecture. This becomes a challenge for Marta to start with first design projects of stainless steel since the company already was experienced for this material. At the beggining that were mostly fences, staircases, tables and boutiques equipment mainly designed by architects signed on the whole project.
In year 2004 she starts the design devision in the company Zavar together with the architect Violeta Cvetanoska and architect Aleksandar Naumceski as a consultant. The first bigger promotion of Zavar Design Devision concept was at the fair in Skopje FURNITURE 2004 and the production of the first prototype of design radiator presented on the same fair. The result was gaining of tw rewards: SILVER BRIDGE for the radiator LINEA and the special award for the best designed fair presentation. The next two years also continues the succesfull presentation on the same fair and more awards were gained: 2005 Golden Globus for the design concept of leaving room furniture PERLA and again best designed fair presentation and year 2006 special award for innovative approach in designing the individual peaces of furniture.
In the year 2007 she designes the complete line of Designed INOX Radiator by Zavar, which consists of seven collections,each with a different story behind and different design approach. The production of the collection and promo materials were done during 2008-2009. Next two years are for the commercial presentation of the collection in Europe. In august 2009 the total design project of family apartment was published in the magazine BRAVA CASA - Serbian edition. In year 2011 started exhibition concept LIFE LINES with the first edition in the gallery Prima Center in Berlin.