Design exhibition by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Skopje, section Industrial Design

Industrial Design Studies, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Industrial Design studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, were started in the school year 2004/2005, as a response on the growing needs of the industry in Macedonia that was recovering from the transition process from planned to market driven economy, and aimed to compete at the regional and global market. Bachelor's studies in industrial design are among the most popular and selective study programs enrolling around 60 students every school year. The study program is organized in three years, with courses that offer theoretical and applicative knowledge, as well as practice in the industry (
Master's studies in Industrial Design and Marketing offer to the students an opportunity to get insight into the latest achievements in more specific areas such as color theory, consumer product design, ergonomics and bionics, product development and innovation, rapid prototyping, consumer behavior and market research, marketing management , etc. ( The development of the Master's studies was supported by the European Commission - Tempus Program. In the framework of this program, a modern computerized industrial design and ergonomics lab and a model prototyping lab were equipped, and training materials were developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany, and University of Maribor, Slovenia. Students in industrial design have achieved recognition of their work winning on local and international competitions, such as ECONOVA, MAKINOVA, Bulgarian Solid Works Award, Awards of the Serbian Innovation Society, and other.
Skopje Design Week 2011 creates a new opportunity for both local and international exposition of the work of the current generations of students in industrial design. The students present thirty selected projects from the last school year in the areas of interior design, technical products for the future, urban equipment, ergonomics, bionics, packaging and rapid prototyping. These projects are created under supervision of Prof. Dr. Tatjana Kandikjan and Ass. Prof. Dr. Sofija Sidorenko, who also selected the projects for presentation. Complementary to this exhibition ѕtudents will present also usable products created from recycled materials during the workshop “Design of Senses”, organized in June-July 2011 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje, under guidance of Dejan Spasovic.

Angel Pavlovski

EXIGO interior (poster)

Bojan Gjorgievski

Lemon Drop Juicer (poster)
David Despotoski

Eco-Friendly washing clothes machine (poster)

Filip Antoniev

Space Fit Closset (poster)
Filip Trajkovski

Delta portable cooler (poster)

Iva Trembelieva
(student, master studies)

Bone Structure Bracelet (model – 3D print)
Ivan Kovachevski

Fridge & Table (poster)

Jelena Micevska
(student, master studies)

Wheelchair for children with cerebral palsy (poster)
Katerina Gjorgioska,
Aleksandra Sharanović

Luna park wonderland (poster)

Milosh Gjuroski
(student, master studies)

Tea Light Candle Holders
(model – 3D print)
Slobodan Pajdakov

Design of chopper (poster)

Dragan Trenchevski

Blue Vision (poster)
Ana Markudova
(student, master studies)

Desert dune lounge (poster)
Denica Ognenovska
(student, master studies)

Bio Light (poster)
Ivana Mišić
(student, master studies)

Rainbow optical mouse (poster)
Nikola Gerasimovski

Hand Blender (poster)
Tamara Danevska

J Juicer (poster)
Nikola Kostadinovski

Sea water purifier (poster)
Goran Dimov

Solar Window Cleaner (poster)
Nenad Stojilković

XOG toaster (poster)
Voislav Denkovski

Dental Space Dock (poster)