OmniArch, Serbia

OmniArch Ltd is a design office dedicated to innovation In architectural practice, landscape and urban design, as well as construction of all types of projects.
OmniArch develops its own unique futuristic concept through constant investigation of connection of nature and technology. Through our work we always focus on sustainability (durability of construction, energy efficiency, recycle and reuse of materials) and re-establishing of the nature in our homes.
The relation with nature is integral part of all projects, such as interior design, building construction, furniture design as well as decoration elements. Through already developed projects ab initio OmniArch has defined two products that can make any space more sensitive and close to the natural way of living and working - Z WALL and Z ROOF herb panels, as well as KORA panels made out of bark.
The mission of OmniArch is to erase the boundaries between virtual and real world in order to create a new architectural organisms, intelligent and sustainable.
The philosophy of OmniArch is based on reflection, study and reinterpretation of all the details and features of the project with high efficiency, with original, modern architectural design.
The main motto of OmniArch is return of the nature in our immediate environment.