Jeff Pinard, Canada

My name is Jeff Pinard, I am 23 year old Canadian Industrial Designer. I completed my formal education at Humber College in 2010 and instantly began to formulate my own design language. Nearly all of my designs and ideas penetrate into my consciousness only while I am on the brink of sleep. It is in these few intense moments where the brain is most relaxed and true inspiration can overcome the barriers of uncertainty and doubt. Later, using this inspiration, my ideas are often formulated to near completion before I even open my sketchbook.
That being said, I enjoy clean ideas and designs that challenge tradition. I believe that sketching is not the most important tool in a designer’s repertoire, rather, the ability to come up with innovative solutions that are otherwise invisible.
I am eagerly waiting for the day when technology catches up to our own imaginations and we will be able to tear down the barriers between a designer’s ideas and their creations.
Proudly and always, part of the future of Canadian Design. Keep your eyes open.
Jinard Design.