Remco Swart, The Netherlands

Remco has a Master Degree in Arts from the Sandberg Institute for Applied Arts.
Some of his more recent works includes:
- 2011 Existing Achievements - group exhibition, National Museum of Macedonia and Mikser festival Belgrade, Serbia
- 2008 Sonsbeek Routing
- 2007 'Van huis uit' Imagine I.C. Amsterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht
- Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, Portugal: ‘Beyond Material’
- Gallery Cécile van Eaden/Design Dailys Eindhoven: ‘Beyond Material’
- Textile museum Tilburg: textile weekend, various works and lecture ‘textile with a message’
- 2006 'Verhalen Lab' Imagine I.C. Amsterdam
- Permanent display ‘Material inspiration centre’ by Material explorer – Swartiles
- Gallery Lous Martin Delft: ‘Beyond Material’ - Swartiles - Beurs van berlage Amsterdam: ‘Rietveld naar de beurs’ – Swartiles, Tilemp
- Westergasfabriek Amsterdam: ‘Kunstvlaai’ – Blown ups