Tanya Nikolić Cicanović, France

Tanja Nikolic Cicanovic graduated at the Faculty of fine arts and design on Belgrade Academy in class of the professor Andjelke Slijepcevic.
Until 2000
Tanja Nikolic Cicanovic had more fashion shows in Belgrade and Paris under the label TANYA NC
- Cooperation on the project for advertising campaign for the fashion house ROCHAS in Paris
- Cooperation on the project for cosmetic house PAYOT in Paris
- Cooperation on the advertising campaign for the make up house HELENA RUBINSTAJN in Paris
- Participation in group exhibition with the leader Paris fashion designers in Paris Fashion Museum - The Musée Galliera
- Participation at Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion Show New York
Since 2000
Tanja Nikolic Cicanovic creates her label TNC studio
- Collection of leather bags and silver jewelry with unique character… see more www.tnc-paragon.com
- Celebrities who wear TNC – Baby Dol, Jessica Alba, Bjork…