Xin-Hung Lin, Taiwan

Xin-Hung Lin graduated at school of Digital Content and Animation- Innovative Design and Patent Management at Southern Taiwan University. He lives and works in Taiwan. Xin – Hung Lin represents the very progressive generation of Taiwanese designers who bring exceptional novelties in global frame and successfully position themselves design market on all continents.
This only 23 years old designer has been many times awarded for his design achievements:
- 2011 Creative & Earnings Ligature - Tianfu Baodao Industrial Crand Ceremony
- Product Design - 2011 Taiwan Magazine Award T-shirt Design Competition
- 2011 One hundred years the Republic of Taiwan Doll design competition
- 2010 Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan and local cultural centers
- 2010 Taiwan Soulangh Cultural Park Design Exhibition - "Clean‧Energy”
- 2010 GONG FONG ENTERPRISE CO. LTD- Creative Hand Tools makeover contest
- 2010 Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan - Product Creative Design contest
- 2010 Young Designer's Competition
- 2009 DONGGUAN CUP International Industrial Design Awards
- 2009 The Creative Design Competition of Social Education Hall
- 2009 University students doll design competition