Petar Zaharinov, Bulgaria

Shelving AB SYSTEM
"AB" system is inspired by interlocking burr puzzles. It is both: a piece of furniture and a brain game. THE FURNITURE: ”ab” consists of 2 types of plywood elements arranged in different combinations with different functions. All parts stay together without the need of glue and nails and can be assembled as a coordinate motion structure which means that all elements must be moved simultaneously. The interlocking principle of ”ab” involves only sliding movements, giving a very fast assembly process. That makes it appropriate for frequent change of place. The level of assembly difficulty depends not on dexterity but mostly on spatial vision. The name of ”ab” comes from the logic of its structure. The two letters, ”a” and ”b”, represent the two types of elements. All different combinations can be represented by mathematical expressions. For example a bookshelf of 4 rows is (4a + b)x4.