Ranka Radović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bookshelf marker
The shelf is the result of tendency to create a simple book storage space that will allow sorting in relation to reading process. Shelf assembly is composed of wooden plank partly covered by sliding bookmark system made out of polypropylene sheets. The plank is easy divided into three parts (unread, reading and read book space), where user can separate books he`s planning to read, books he`s currently reading, or books he has finished. Polypropylene part of the shelf is a kind of bookmark, where books and magazines can be placed by marking of the certain pages. Sliding system makes shelf variable. It is possible to create different bookmark forms and positions, and lengths of three main parts of the shelf can be changed as needed. I decided to use polypropylene for this covering because it`s light material and can be easy movable over the plank. The polypropylene material is also cheap as it can be used again. The material is durable and rigid so that it can be easily reused in various forms after its manufacturing. The fabric provides a large color scale. It can be dyed without any problem of getting faded easily. So material can be recycled and reused and as such it serves to protect the environment.