Anne Varekamp, The Netherlands

After four years of professional training at the Cibap College at Zwolle, Anne (1984) first did another studiy at the Minerva Academie of Arts in Groningen. Her broad education reflects in the variety of her work. Anne experiments with not only fabrics, but also knitting, wood, cermamics and leather. Anne strengths lies within the combination of playful design with a high funcionality. Her work is fresh, simple and executed with an eye for details. Next to working on her own designs, Anne is also the founder of the platform "Noordelijk Talent": Talent from the North. This organisation was established in 2010 to get succesful designers from the northern districts in the Netherlands together and give them the opportunity to help and stimulate each other. Nowadays there is also a 'Noordelijk Talent'-shop, which proved to be - and still is - a big succes.