Sylvie van de Loo, SEMdesign, The Netherlands

We from SEMdesign, design products which challenge the user to interact with the product. we design (interior) products in a pure, unique and remarkable way with subtle humor. For example our product the lights 'turn me ON'. To use this lamp, you have to turn it upside down to switch it on. By doing this the lamp will change from (lamp)shape to function (give light) or our new product the Fruitbowl '128'. This bowl never looks empty! Because of the different levels in the fruit bowl you will be able to ‘play’ with the pieces of fruit and the space in the bowl. For instance, if you have only one apple left, you can put it on ‘the top shelf’ of the bowl. SEMdesign would like to challenge the user to think outside the box by designing product that inspire, surprise and stimulate the human mind.