Stijn Boemaars, The Netherlands

Designstudio Stijn Boemaars stands for high-quality products with perfectly constructed details. The concepts originate from a hands-on approach, prototyping and material experiments.
The Powertrain is the result of his frustration for unattractive extension sockets. People often try to hide them, but usually unsuccessful. Powertrain however, is an extension socket designed to be seen and played with.
One Gallon Light is a desk lamp based on re-use of shape and mechanics. The lampshade is a casting in ceramics of a one gallon pitcher. The wooden arms create the opportunity to move the lamp in several different positions.
The Branch Cabinet is a composition of various cabinets and drawers, which are held in position by a criss-cross of branches. Every branch or side-branch has a specific function for the stability of the cabinet. The concept of the Branch Cabinet is about the balance between man and nature. Since in the end, nature is the cause of men being, carrying our lives.
In his design process Stijn engages occurring problems as challenges, and solving them often leads to surprising and esthetic results. Inspiration provided by mechanical constructions and natural growth leads to the creation of products with a rich and original character.
In Stijn’s mind nothing is impossible.