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Following six years of continuous efforts in discovering and nurturing fresh design talents, the annual exhibition Ghost Project has become the central regional Talent platform within "Mikser Festival", the biggest Southeast European Festival of creativity and innovation. The Ghost Project was conceived in 2006 as a celebration of the unfailing enthusiasm and ideas of local young designers while at the same time it was criticizing the lack of a symbiotic relationship between designers and industry in our country and the region. Since there was virtually no trace of engaged contemporary industrial design in Serbia, the exhibition was labeled a GHOST one, showcasing only 3d sketches and computer models by talents awaiting to be recognized and put into industrial production. The organizers are raising the bar every year, elevating Ghost Project initiative from national to a regional talent platform in 2010, then expanding it beyond the Balkan boarders in 2011 by inviting industrial designers 35 years of age and younger from all over the world to take part in the competition. Evolving each year, the Ghost Project has become an ongoing project, a sort of dynamic database of regional talent available to the public, as well as local and foreign media and manufacturers. One of the main objectives of this project is to turn the public’s and manufacturers’ eye to the creative potential of the Balkans and wider. Apart from discovering fresh talents in the field of industrial, product and furniture design, Ghost Project aims at building networks among young designers, enhancing exchange across different cultures, establishing connections between designers and manufacturers, but also man and nature.

image2Under this year’s slogan "NEW SIMPLICITY", the Ghost Project 2011 competition encouraged designers to take social and economic challenges as inspiration for solutions that open up new possibilities for our tumultuous times. More than 600 designers from nearly 50 countries responded to the call, while the best 100 made it to the Talent Zone within the Mikser Festival 2011 which scored amazing 60.000 visitors from all over the region. Serbian selection of 12 innovative Ghost project works, selected by the Jury presided by Jelena Matic, director of the Talent Zone of the Mikser festival, are exhibited at the zero edition of Skopje Design Week.



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