“NEW CULTURE DEAL: The Story Of Mikser, Regional Festival Of Creativity And Innovation”

Date: 1 October, 2011
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Venue: Kurshumli An, Skopje
Presenter: Ivan Lalić, executive director, Mikser Festival, Belgrade
Language: Serbian
Entry: free of charge

Come and learn how you and your work can become a part of the Mikser festival of Creativity and Innovation.
With 60.000 visitors and 1500 exhibitors in 2011 Mikser Festival proved that completely independent cultural initiative can lead to establishing of the largest regional exchange platform for latest achievements in design and technology. The two key factors for the international success of the event based in Belgrade, Serbia, whose roots stem back in 2006 to modest exhibition of local talents,are networking and multidisciplinary approach. Mikser festival is blurring the boundaries between creative disciplines and enhances interaction among various fields of creativity such as design, architecture, art, environment, business, communication, new media, film, theatre, etc. Activities around Mikser Festival aim to stir development of creative economy in the region by providing open practical platform for interaction between usually secluded circles - young and mature design professionals and manufactures, businessmen and design students and university professors, independent organizations and governmental institutions, fresh talents and media. Mikser Festival thus became “the place” for exposure of latest innovative commercial products by small and medium manufacturers (Expo Zone), presentation of fresh design ideas by independent design studios and prolific regional designers (Live studios), as well as extensive talent exhibition featuring the most gifted young designers in the region (Talent Zone). Mikser festival’s presentation formats (conference and panel discussions @ Kontakt Zone and Education Zone) gather more than 100 global experts in the field of design, innovative thinking, technology, production, etc.


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