Bojan Ilievski

Bojan Ilievski is born in Skopje, on February 16th 1979. Ever since his early childhood he showed great talent and love for art, painting, sculpting and crafting objects. He made his first steps towards the art education in the high-school of art “Lazar Licenoski” in Skopje, and later, at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the Industrial design studies, where he achieved his BA in 2001, and MA degree, in 2003. Since then, he worked in some of the renowned companies in Macedonia, as graphic designer, professor of visual arts and graphic design, and today he is employed in the biggest company for health, pharmacy and cosmetic industry, Alkaloid Skopje, where he works as industrial and graphic designer.
Besides his professional career, he constantly dedicates most on his time to bring his envisioned works of art into life, mostly in the form of hand crafted models purposed for further industrial production. This led to his first big personal exhibition in Skopje in 2008, where he exhibited 10 of his models of chairs and recliners, heating systems, mass transport vehicles, and kitchen accessories. The exhibition drew big interest from the media and art-fans. In early spring 2011 he exhibited one of his chairs, named The Shell, on the annual furniture fair in Skopje. Later the same year, the art-lovers were able to enjoy his exhibition of objects for children, and to try out his latest models of chairs, toys and other fun stuff. He also participated on the first Skopje Design Week with three of his furniture models, in autumn (October-November) 2011. Bojan Ilievski follows the philosophy of organic design, and is constantly inspired by beauties of nature.