Dafina Dzeparoska and Nita Mucha


Nita Mucha and Dafina Dzeparoska have already worked together on the project designed on the workshop for contemporary jewelry organized trough the Programme for Creative Industries implemented by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia. This is where they have started their collaboration that leaded to joint projects implementation such as design of the promotional jeweler for the Multimedia event: “Paul Noritaka Tange – Kenzo Tange & Skopje”.
Separately they have been engaged in several projects and exhibitions.
During 2011 Dafina Dzeparoska was part of SDW 2011, had solo exhibition on Bosh festival 2011 and made the jeweler for the Macedonian representative on EURO-Vision Contest in Baku, while Nita Mucha participated in various projects as art designer or illustrator on various print ads, books as well as animated TV Spots.