Faculty of Design and Multimedia, FON University

Design and Multimedia Faculty, within the FON University, stands out with its authentic curricula in the concentrations of graphic design, designer fashion design and multimedia, which are aligned with the criteria of universities in the West. It is modeled according to the recommendations of the Bologna declaration, as well as influential international associations and initiatives in the area of applied arts. Each of these concentrations is a story in itself, but the three together make up a whole, offering an abundant theoretical, educational, artistic and scientific and research education, under the mentorship of highly educated faculty staff, aiming at expanding the horizons of the future designers regarding the area of their future work and empowering them for future successful career. Study programmes are strictly applicative – artistic disciplines and they are a symbiosis of arts, science, technique, technology, IT and other artistic disciplines aiming at researching and developing new achievements in design and multimedia. In addition to meeting the primary task, educating professionals and experts in the area of design, there is also close cooperation with companies working in the areas of advertising, graphic design, publishing and printing, fashion design, which results in vocational upgrade of students’ skills. They are actively participating in many internal projects of the university, as well as in external cooperation projects with renowned companies and faculties from the country, and also from Italy, Turkey, USA, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc The design and multimedia faculty, which teaches these particularly complex disciplines in the aspects of creation and research, was established in order to give a chance to modern creators, here and abroad, to present their knowledge skills and creative potentials and to respond to the modern needs of the market and customers.