Gligor Kuzmanovski

Born 1979.
2009 - graduated history of art with archaeology at St. Kiril and Metodij University - Skopje
Since 2005 - he started expressing himself doing some wooden sculptures, and he has been participating in some group exhibitions in Skopje (Mala Stanica), and in Sv. Nikole (Museum). These last two years he decided to transfer his wood skills into making wooden jewelry (sculptures for body). So far he took part in various events: Exhibition for Poetic Nights in Velestovo - Ohrid, group exhibition/market with colleagues jewelry makers in MKC- Skopje, number of bazaars, and two times collaboration with Macedonian fashion designer Rosica Mrsik for hers autumn/winter 2011/12 collection, and for spring/summer 2012 collection which was presented at Skopje Fashion Week 2012.
At Skopje Design Week he would like to show his last work, putting accent on the elemental disasters (both, nature and human) happening every day.