Goran Kostovski


Celebrate Life is a new brand of the graphic designer Goran Kostovski- ind.o.g, who after 10 years again produces series of T-shirs and design objects.
Celebrate life - unisex design objects are dedicated to dance moments and celebration of beautiful things. When we dance, we release all negative energy accumulated in our body. The illustrations are just a reminder that dancing and enjoyment in ourselves and music are things that we should do every day.
This year the audience will has a unique chance to buy a T-shirt which primarily will be exhibited on the Celebrate life booth.

Wear it proud
Without limitation
Dance around, love it feel it
And don’t forget to:
Celebrate Life!!!

Goran Kostovski - ind.o.g. As a graphic designer and visual arts artist in his 10 years of experience he has cooperated with many corporations, DJs and bends for whom he produced corporate and visual identity. He enjoys in the things he creates by always managing to present unique stile. The biggest pleasure and challenge for Kostovski is logo development and T- shirt design.