Marijana Kramarić

Memory of Sand
Sand, memory, color and emotion as themes of the collection and the installation.

“Memory of sand” is a collection of unique linnen clothing pieces, which served as a starting point and inspiration for the creation of the installation. The installation questions the relation of memories and emotions which are triggered by a certain fabric, color or form of a clothing piece. It questions what is transient and what is permanent in context of variable trends in fashion. Basic clothing pieces are exhibitied, such as a linnen suit, trousers, tunique and a jump suit. The visitors are invited to leave their traces in the sand pool which accompanies the clothing and so mark the moment they have devoted to their own memories and emotions which are awakened by natural elements and colors, such as sand and rope, blue and orange color.
The video work which is a part of the installation is a collage made out of scenes from a number of films which have marked the last century. A beach is the scenography of all the selected scenes, while the atmosphere creates a nostalgic feeling. Selection and editing is done by Igor Lesic.
Citoyenne K. is a project by the Croatian fashion designer Marijana Kramaric, founded in Edinbrugh in 2009. Citoyenne K. is a brand specialized in unique multifunctional clothing, its creations questioning identity and transformability through fashion design.
All the clothing is hand made in accordance with the philosophy of multifunctionality and dual approach to women’s fashion. The designer Marijana Kramaric is solely responsible for the whole proces, from the concept until the last stitch. Citoyenne K. clothing is wearable in every situation, being adaptable and transformable. With a simple movement, every piece can be transformed from one shape and color into another – a jump suit in a dress, tunique in a top, top in a dress.
Marijana Kramaric started designing women’s fashion in 2004 in Paris, after graduating in Philosophy and Indian Studies at the University of Zagreb. In 2009 she opened her atelier in Edinburgh and founded the brand Citoyenne K. Since then, her work has been presented in various exhibitions and design and fashion fairs, among others: South-Southeast, Ljubljana,2010.; Modepalast, Wienna 2011/12.; Skopje Design Week, Skoplje, 2011.; CBKU-DepARTment store, Utrecht, 2011.; Fashion hr.-Industrija, Zagreb, 2011/12, Mikser Festival, Belgrade 2012, D Day, Zagreb 2012, Public Room gallery Evergreen, Sarajevo 2012, International Fashion Stage, Sarajevo, 2012. With Citoyenne K. Marijana cooperates with various butiques and assosiations and she is a registered member of ULUPUBIH (Assosiation of Fine and Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina).