FINLAND - Country in

Focus on SDW 2012


SDW designed its concept to establish every year a close connection between the audience and regional participants and one particular country or region that has earned its respect on global level by permanently producing high quality design. This section in the programme is called Country in Focus.
The City of Helsinki is hosting the most prestigious design achievements in 2012. As World Design Capital it has promoted the Finnish design globally. But, the status of Design Capital was awarded by International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) since the country and the city itself had a lot presented to the world earlier. The strategy of Finnish design takes the users’ needs as a starting point. This success formula has placed the Finnish design on universal pedestal and the current and upcoming generations are to collect benefits from this.
Among the brightest examples of the leading national design movements today are the ground-breaking accomplishments of contemporary Finnish design. Be it historical roots of Finnish crafts education or the social ideals of modernism that became central to the nation’s cultural dialogue, exploring the rich design history of Finland has proven to be vital for understanding of the social role of the professional industrial designer. Although driven by aims of functionality, simplicity, and affordability on one hand, Finnish design has also set the standards of high quality, luxury and exclusivity on the other, which answers the eternal designer’s question of how to make a perfect balance between the two. The role of Finish designers and architects is appreciated worldwide since they stand as creative icons of present time.
Regional audience is not familiar with Scandinavian design, especially not the Finnish design, since so far there were no collective design exhibitions presented in Macedonia or the region. However, certain awareness about Finnish design does exists, but who these creative minds really are, how they work and what is their drive are questions that need to be answered by hosting the exhibition Finnishing Touch - Finland Country in Focus on SDW 2012.