City Acupuncture

City Acupuncture” is a 24 month project designed in collaboration with 5 associations from 4 different countries of Southeast Europe with aims to improve the quality of urban life by international cultural exchange. The cities of all the partners have common historical and physical heritage which require similar interventions in their structure. The main premise behind the "City Acupuncture" method is a belief that one can efficiently improve the city life quality through small and precise interventions into the points of urban structures' overlap. Another necessary condition to make a successful intervention is interdisciplinary discourse and participation of citizens and local governments in deciding on where to intervene and what the character of interventions should be. The methodology is implemented in the framework of workshops with students and young professionals - architects, anthropologists, landscape architects, artists and others. The project provides for the implementation of individual solutions obtained at the workshop, and evaluation of its impact on urban life. Besides the five planned workshops, an intro workshop is also planned for the joint development and harmonization of the methodology as well as final conference for the purpose of summarizing the experience and presentation of the overall project results. In addition to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and international exchange of young professionals, the project will result in the experience and examples applicable to other European regions. The project will also strengthen the internal capacities of associations and associated partners. Dissemination of the project results through catalogue and creation of a web database of interventions as well as involvement of local authorities from the beginning of the project will ensure the sustainability of project after the contract of 2 years.

Participants and Activities