About Skopje Design Week

The idea behind SDW is to create a memorable creative experience for all participants and visitors. SDW is a design oriented multidisciplinary platform that aims to affirm the cultural industry in the region and stimulate active role in creating better business, as well as social and political context for developing creative potential. Further, the platform Ministry of Pleasure undertakes activities during whole year to affirm the Macedonian design on global level.
The overall program of SDW is an ambitious mix of innovative disciplines, ranging from product design, fashion, jewelry, photography, film, music, gastronomy, theater, visual arts and business issues closely related to arts and culture. Eye-catching and affordable design, high aesthetics in various forms produced by young and prominent artists from all around the world is in focus each year.

The strategy of SDW is to put spotlight on one country or region in each new edition and by that introduce novelties and stimulate exchange between that country and the region. Additionally, the programme within every edition enlarges by introducing new design category. 
SDW as open and continuous process stimulates every creative person to express his potential in front of the international audience. Continuation during the whole year is achieved by linking the activities with the regional and other international festivals and permanently upgrading the international brand and the platform Ministry of Pleasure.

Our Team

Aleksandar Velinovski – director
Marta Naumovska Grnarova – programme director
Ilija Argirovski – procurement director

Team 2013

Laze Tripkov – design
Jasna Soptrajanova Vrteva – communication
Natali Ristovska – programme assistant
Olivera Krstevska – web design
Vladimir Djordjevic – music programme
Martina Todorovska – social media
Marija Novovic – administration
Vanja Bartling – location manager
Milan Tasevski - hospitality
Aneta Petrovska – volunteers’ coordinator
Navigators - public relations
Promotiva - marketing
Tiger media - photography