BottegaEventi- Event design - is an innovative and ambitious design company that represents the passion for the unconventional but yet simple design form. Events designed by BottegaEventi prevail with clear lines of applied design that accentuate the stricking contrasts and emphasis of lighting as an additional dose of elegance in the overall image for the space. That goal is being achieved through the use of the light design elements that BottegaEventi has in its inventory from the line of Vondom, Valensia and Slide Milan.
The design process for each event begins by conveying a creative concept that follows the brief inspiration period where the illustration of the imagined scenery is defined, visiting various local workshops and material suppliers and finally applying the avant- garde design solutions in combination with the light elements. This sets the direction that is undertaken in accomplishing the original signature that BottegaEventi strives to achieve in the event design.
A novelty within the scope of BottegaEventi is Bottega20- a section for wedding organization that is focused on avoiding the stereotypical wedding decorations by incorporating the original idea and concept of the Bottega20 team that is being proposed for each individual client.
At the same time, BottegaEventi is expanding its business with production of its own designed compact elements and background panels for outlining the overall event scenery that will be presented in this year's edition of Skopje Design Week 2013. Visit the platform of BottegaEventi and enter the world of simplicity but diverse functionality of the design elements of Vondom, Valencia and Slide, Milan as well the design elements signed by BottegaEventi.